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bold meaning, definition, what is bold: not afraid of taking risks and making di...: Learn more Перевод слова bold, американское и британское произношение, транскрипция прилагательное ↓. - храбрый, смелый; дерзновенный. bold thinker — смелый мыслитель bold plan /speech.. Bold definition is - fearless before danger : intrepid. How to use bold in a sentence. Examples of bold in a Sentence. Adjective Few politicians have been bold enough to oppose the plan to cut taxes Whatever bold actions you take, they are confident and fearless. The adjective bold can also be used to bold meaning in english, bold definitions, synonyms of bold, definition of bold, bold..

adjective, bold·er, bold·est. not hesitating or fearful in the face of actual or possible danger or rebuff; courageous and daring: a Take the quiz to find out! Question 1 of 7. What does clement mean (Received Pronunciation) IPA(key): /bəʊld/, [bɒʊld]. (General American) IPA(key): /boʊld/. Rhymes: -əʊld. Homophone: bowled. From Middle English bold, from Old English bold, blod, bolt, botl (house, dwelling-place, mansion, hall, castle, temple), from Proto-Germanic *budlą, *buþlą (house, dwelling.. Someone who's bold is daring and brave. You might show how bold you are by climbing onto the roof of your house, or by speaking up when you see someone being treated unfairly

bold definition in English dictionary, bold meaning, synonyms, see also 'bold face',Philip the Bold',Bolden',boldly' bold definition: Bold is defined as free in behavior, or prominent. (adjective) A person who is not afraid to speak up for what he believes, even to people with more power than him, is an example of.. Meaning of bold. What does bold mean? Definitions for bold boʊldbold. Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word bold

'The customers' bold suggestion was to launch a restaurant of their own, but Huang was still quite cautious about it.' 'It is in that light that the bold suggestion is made for a Caribbean Banking.. Bold, bold face, or bold font is any text that is darkened to help emphasize a remark or comment. The most widely used tag is the tag, which <b>means nothing more than changing the style and..

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  1. What does bold mean? Here you find 33 meanings of the word bold. You can also add a definition of bold yourself
  2. Swear to me but, thou bold wretch! said she, swear to me, that Pamela Andrews is really and truly thy lawful wife, without sham, without deceit, without double-meaning; and I know what I have to say
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Find Bold meaning and definition with synonyms and examples of use. Bold Meaning 1 : fearless and daring. Example : bold settlers on some foreign shore,a bold speech,a bold adventure Meaning of BOLD in English. BOLD — I. ˈbōld adjective ( usually -er/-est ) Etymology: Middle English, from Old English bald, beald; akin to Old High German what does bold mean? one day on myspace i was checking my. appps then on tag me this guy out that he. saw me as abold person what does that mean Meaning of the word. Words that rhyme with. What is the adverb for bold? Translations for bold Use our Noun Dictionary Meaning of bold. What does bold mean? IPA (US): Dictionary entry overview: What does bold mean? • BOLD (noun) The noun BOLD has 1 sens

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bold - Meaning in Russian, what is meaning of common in Russian dictionary, audio pronunciation, synonyms and definitions of common in Russian and English How to pronounce bold in American English, in context ▾. Use the controls below to browse different examples of pronunciation. UK accent. Your browser does not support the audio element Find out all about Bold : meaning, pronunciation, synonyms, antonyms, origin, difficulty, usage index and more. Only at Word Panda dictionary List of 95 BOLD definitions. Top BOLD abbreviation meanings updated October 2020. What does BOLD stand for? 95 meanings of BOLD Video shows what bold means. A dwelling; habitation; building.. bold pronunciation. How to pronounce, definition by Wiktionary dictionary. bold meaning

Some people say bold means bald as in someone with no hair but that is bald. Bold means showing an ability to take risks, having strong or vivd appearance or a bold typeface or letter What does BOLD mean? We have 65 definitions. Read most used BOLD meanings below. Category: All acronyms (65) Common (2) Government & Military (1) Medicine & Science (4) Internet..

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What does BOLD mean? Are you looking for the meanings of BOLD? To see all meanings of BOLD, please scroll down. The full list of definitions is shown in the table below in alphabetical order The meaning of Bold in various phrases and sentences. Q: What does bold mean? A: Can mean : Brave (he was a bold man = he was a brave man). Bright (he wore bold colors- he wore bright colours) Meaning and Definition of bold. Synonyms, Antonyms, Derived Terms, Anagrams and senses of bold. What is bold

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Synonym Antonym Meaning Idiom, Proverb. Meaning: baron alexander von humboldt. The lettering on the book's cover was big and bold, and it got lots of attention, but the price was too high. Name: bold. Meaning. Pronounce. Famous. Bold is an unusual baby boy name. It is not ranked within the top 1000. Baby names that sound like Bold include Bald, Beld, Blade (English)..

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Meaning business and bold are semantically related. In some cases you can use Meaning business instead an adjective Bold. Nearby Words: boldness, boldly I'm Australian and an example of a bold marketing move by KMart was to move to a quantity over However, the expression now generally means an action taken that has considerable risk, possibly.. The meaning of Bold is Steel. Keep in mind that many names may have different meanings in The history and meaning of the name Bold is fascinating, learn more about it. (If you know more.. Meaning. it refers to people who face problems with determination and courage are the ones who In this industry fortune favours the bold You cannot expect to be a successful action stuntman without..

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Learn bold in English translation and other related translations from Hmong to English. What does bold mean in English can be taken to mean [ both ] casual and bold. This allows interpretations where the the words are not providing copies of the same meaning, but are each meaning different things

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Описание упражнения. A. Read and guess what the words in bold type mean. An idiom is a group of words with a special meaning. For example a mystery tour is an idiom but has little mystery about.. HTML contains several elements for defining text with a special meaning. The HTML element defines <b>bold text, without any extra importance Expanding vocabulary • Ss explain the words in bold by giving a definition, synonym, miming, etc. Encourage Ss to try to guess the meaning of the word from the context before using their dictionaries..

Translations of the phrase BOLD MEAN from english to spanish and examples of the use of BOLD MEAN in a sentence with their translations: It's so bold , but you know what.. All Name Meanings Boy Name Meanings Girl Name Meanings Search Name Meanings. bold and strong variant Arabia. Not Rated

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Meaning of Bold - Forward to meet danger; venturesome; daring; not timorous or shrinking from risk; brave; courageous.. See more.. The name Wychbold is derived from the Old English wīc-bold, meaning Dwelling near the trading settlement. It has been recorded as Uuicbold (692) and Wicelbold (1086, Domesday Book).[1] The.. Beside meaning and definition for word bold, on this page you can find other interesting information too, like synonyms or related words. On bottom of the page we have fun area, like tarot cards..

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New Words to Learn. 39. A. Read and guess what the words in bold type mean. An idiom is a group of words with a special meaning. For example a mystery tour is an idiom but has little mystery about.. More meanings / definitions of Bold or words, sentences containing Bold? Bold (n.): Somewhat overstepping usual bounds, or conventional rules, as in art, literature, etc.; taking liberties in..

A list of names in which the meaning contains the keyword bold. expand search to ancestral names: meanings for names further up the family tree will be included in the search Haha, time for some bold statements!.. ☜(ˆ▿ˆc) I mean bold moves! ≧◠ᴥ◠≦✊ Now when you'll want to make an important statement, this bold text generator is here to save your text from.. Moreover, the use of impaired which means damaged strengthens the meaning of the line to Thus, putting the meanings of the words by context, the appropriate meaning would be reluctant or unwilling В наличии и под заказ смартфоны BlackBerry Passport, BlackBerry Classic, BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry Z30, BlackBerry Q10, BlackBerry Bold.... bberryshop.ru This is a simple online bold text generator. The bold text that is generated is actually a set of symbols from the Unicode symbol set. Many of these symbols are supported by modern browsers and so you..

Matching the words/phrases in bold from the text to their definitions. interpret - understand the meaning. convince - make someone believe smth is true 4 Find the words in bold in the texts that mean: • easily • device • take sth quickly .geniuses. помогите пожалуйста Match the underlined words/ phrases to their meanings below. Then, explain the words/phrases in bold. • strong • know where sth/sb is • weak • unable to leave a place

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Mary assured Beth that she was not sitting around pining for Tom. What does the words in bold mean? The verb is pine. It means to mope, cry, feel sorry for oneself, not eat, etc The meaning of Harriet is 'estate ruler'. It would make a great pick for parents who are looking for This unique name is for the bold and daring parents. Sosthenes, a Greek name, meaning.. Search BOLD definition & word meaning in English. Get BOLD Translation in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Arabic, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, German..

ABHAY (अभय): Hindi name meaning brave; fearless. ÆÐELBALD: Anglo-Saxon name, composed of the Old English elements æðel noble and bald bold, hence noble and bold Definition of BOLD (adjective): involving a risk; very bright, clear, or strong in colour. a shirt with bold blue and yellow stripes. Babies like bold colours. Synonyms and related words

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Bold is a Boy name, meaning Steel, Courage, Brave in Mongol origin. Find the complete details of Bold name on BabyNamesCube, the most trusted source for baby name meaning, numerology.. bold - Meaning in Telugu, what is meaning of common in Telugu dictionary, audio pronunciation, synonyms and definitions of common in Telugu and English

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Bold Person Definition and Bold Personality Meaning. The bold personality meaning encompasses many traits such as speaking up when they have something to say, having strong self-awareness.. What does BOLD Mean? Browse 34 acronyms and abbreviations related to BOLD. This could be the only one professional web page dedicated to explaining the meaning of BOLD (BOLD.. We hope baby names and meanings you love are in these 258 names meaning bold Baby Shower Games. Make a Names Meaning Bold; Courageous word search puzzle from these search results

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Then, there are two types of tags in HTML for bold text. is good when you need to style your text in <b>bold, but without any extra emphasis. HTML tags have more of a semantic <b>meaning Bold Meaning & Definitions. Quickly Find Out What Does BOLD Mean. Provided by Smart Define Dictionary clear and distinct; bold handwriting; a figure carved in bold relief. marked by excessive confidence; an arrogant and cocksure materialist; so bold and impudent as to speak to the queen; the less he..

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