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84% of 10,000 = 8,400: 84% of 260,000 = 218,400: 84% of 510,000 = 428,400: 84% of 760,000 = 638,400: 84% of 20,000 = 16,800: 84% of 270,000 = 226,800: 84% of 520,000. Standard scores below 84 meet the criterion for special arrangements in exams. Scores between 85-89 are within the discretionary range for special arrangements. The percentile refers to the number of young people out of 100, of the same age, that ***'s score is likely to be the same as or better than Enter a data set and our percentile calculator finds the percentile you need. We use the same formula as the PERCENTILE() function in Excel, Google Sheets and Apple Numbers. The percentile calculator can create a table listing each 5th percentile, also showing quartiles and deciles I statistikken er prosentiler brukes til å forstå og tolke data. Den n persentil av et sett av data som er den verdi som n prosent av data er under det.I hverdagen, er prosentiler brukes til å forstå verdier som testresultater, helseindikatorer og andre målinger. For eksempel, en 18 år gammel mann som er seks og en halv fot høy er i 99nde persentil for sin høyde The median is the 50th percentile: the point in the data where 50% of the data fall below that point, and 50% fall above it. To calculate the k th percentile (where k is any number between zero and one hundred), do the following steps:. Order all the values in the data set from smallest to largest

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  1. IQ Percentile and Rarity Chart. These are IQs, their percentiles, and rarity on a 15 SD (e.g. Wechsler) and 16 SD (e.g. Stanford-Binet) scale. They were calculated using the NORMDIST function in Excel. The number of decimal places for the rarity was varied in the hope it might be useful
  2. Z Score Calculator Z Score to Percentile Calculator Left Tailed Test. H 1: parameter < value. Notice the inequality points to the left. Decision Rule: Reject H 0 if t.s. < c.v.. Right Tailed Test. H 1: parameter > value. Notice the inequality points to the righ
  3. Z score: Standard score: Scaled score: T score: Percentile: Interpretation: 3.70: 155: 20: 87: 99.99: Very superior: 3.65: 155: 20: 86.5: 99.99: Very superior: 3.60.
  4. This is where our IQ percentile calculator can assist you in computing both the percentile of the population you are in and, correspondingly, the rarity of your score. For example, with an IQ of 125 you will be in the top 5% and only 1 in 20 people selected at random from a large population will have a score equal to or higher than yours
  5. e the p-th percentile for a set of numbers. How to use the Percentile Calculator: 1) Input the numbers in the set separated by a comma (e.g., 1,9,18,12), space (e.g., 1 9 18 12), or line break. 2) Enter the percentile value you wish to deter
  6. Technically, you belong to a group that contains 84% of the total people that took the test that scored at least as well as a certain standard. A person in the 1st or 83rd percentile, would also be in the 84th percentile, but a person in the 99th or 85th percentile wouldn't be. Say there's 100 questions on a test that 20 people were required to.

We used three different distribution tables, and we will give you the 1.84 Z Score probability, percentile, and explanations for all three. Cumulative from mean This gives you the probability of the area from the mean to your Z Score. The cumulative from-mean probability and percentile for a 1.84 Z score is displayed here: 0.467115881340836. I got 93.75 % in class 12 and 84 percentile in du jat exam will i get admission in bbe or bms 82 Views Class 12= 67%, DU JAT PERCENTILE= 74% In statistics, percentiles are used to understand and interpret data. The nth percentile of a set of data is the value at which n percent of the data is below it. In everyday life, percentiles are used to understand values such as test scores, health indicators, and other measurements. For example, an 18-year-old male who is six and a half feet tall is in the 99th percentile for his height Find where to buy the TI-84 Plus CE graphing calculator in a variety of bold, fun colors. Learn more. Downloads. Guidebooks - All products; Guidebooks students are to find the corresponding x-value given a percentile and then given a z-score and they are asked to find the corresponding percentile and x-value. Downloads. PDF. Student.

I got 84 percentile in jee mains, which Government College can I get for b tech. py911297 16th Sep, 2020. Answer. Answer later. Report. Answers (3) Ayush 16th Sep, 2020. Hello aspirant, Hope you are doing well. As per your question, honestly you should have to mention your state in which you want to get admission then only we can help you En percentil är det värde på en stokastisk variabel nedanför vilken en viss procent av observationerna av variabeln hamnar. Så är till exempel 20-percentilen P 20 det värde som delar observationerna så att 20 procent av dem är mindre än P 20 och 80 procent är större än detta värde.. De percentiler som delar in materialet i fyra delar, P 25 eller Q 1, P 50 eller Q 2 och P 75. Source: SAT Understanding Scores 2020 Again, note that the percentile ranks change dramatically toward the middle scores: 500 in EBRW is only 40%, but 600 is 73%. In other words, a 100-point improvement—which is very manageable with some smart studying—could transform your score from poor to good. Note that the Math curve is more competitive near the top than the EBRW curve is Converting a fraction such as 84/95 into a percent is pretty easy. All you have to do is divide the numerator by the denominator and then multiply that result with 100 like so: (Numerator/Denominator)*100 When you enter 84/95 into the above formula, you get (84/95)*100 which calculates to: 88.42105263 This video explains how to determine a percentile for a given data set. http://mathispower4u.co

http://mcstutoring.com/ Private math tutoring and test preparation in Huntington Beach, CA. Subjects include ACT, SAT 1, algebra, geometry, and calculus. Hom.. 0.84 as a percent - solution and the full explanation with calculations. Below you can find the full step by step solution for you problem. We hope it will be very helpful for you and it will help you to understand the solving process. If it's not what You are looking for, type in into the box below your number and see the solution 1. We assume, that the number 84 is 100% - because it's the output value of the task. 2. We assume, that x is the value we are looking for. 3. If 100% equals 84, so we can write it down as 100%=84. 4. We know, that x% equals 10 of the output value, so we can write it down as x%=10. 5. Now we have two simple equations: 1) 100%=84 2) x%=1

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The percentile rank of a score is the percentage of scores in its frequency distribution that are equal to or lower than it. For example, a test score that is greater than 75% of the scores of people taking the test is said to be at the 75th percentile, where 75 is the percentile rank.In educational measurement, a range of percentile ranks, often appearing on a score report, shows the range. The raw mean score is always the 50th percentile. Educators can determine which scores correspond to a particularpercentile by relating percentile ranks to the . normal curve. If a testhas a mean of 42, and a SD of 10, a score of 52 (+1 SD) is at the 84.13 percentile (50% + 34.13% =84.13%) Now take the 15th number and the 16th number and find the average: 79 + 85 / 2 = 164 / 2 = 82 Hence, 60th percentile of given data set = 82. Example 2: Let us consider the percentile example problem: In a college, a list of grades of 15 students has been declared. Their grades are: 85, 34, 42, 51, 84, 86, 78, 85, 87, 69, 74, 65 How to find percentile of exponential distribution with ti-84 [closed] Ask Question Asked 8 months ago. Active 8 months ago. Viewed 242 times 0 $\begingroup$ Closed. This and understand everything so far but on the exponential distributions I am having a lot of trouble with how to find a percentile,. Calculates the percentile from the lower or upper cumulative distribution function of the logarithmic normal distribution

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So a 99th percentile score, for example, is an incredible score and means you've scored better than 99 percent of test takers! On the other hand, a 1st percentile score is an extremely low score and means you've scored higher than only 1 percent of test takers, or worse than 99 percent. The 50th percentile is the halfway point, or median By Jonah Finkelstein, EIT Spack Consulting The 85th percentile speed can be a confusing statistic for some to understand. The Minnesota Department of Transportation defines the 85th percentile speed as, the speed at or below which 85 percent of all vehicles are observed to travel under free-flowing conditions past a monitored point. Traffic and Transportation [ First, enter the data set and data value for which you want to find the percentile rank. You'll get an answer, and then you will get a step by step explanation on how you can do it yourself. Afterward, if you want to find a particular percentile in a data set, you can use the Percentile Formula Calculator

The normal distribution calculator works just like the TI 83/TI 84 calculator normalCDF function. It takes 4 inputs: lower bound, upper bound, mean, and standard deviation. You can use the normal distribution calculator to find area under the normal curve. Then, use that area to answer probability questions Percentile is the percentage of people which are behind you. 99th percentile means you are in the top 1% of all the participants. And the remaining 99% people are behind you Note: The second argument of the PERCENTILE function must be a decimal number between 0 and 1. Excel uses a slightly different algorithm to calculate percentiles and quartiles than you find in most statistics books. If you're interested, download the Excel file. 2. Use the PERCENTILE function shown below to calculate the 90th percentile

85th percentile speed is in excess of the signed speed limit by 5 mph or more, to me, means that the driver driving faster than 84% of the other drivers is going at least 5 mph over the speed limit, but it doesn't tell you how much faster he or she is going CAT Score Vs Percentile - Keeping in view the past records of IIMs, the result released includes CAT score as well as percentile secured by candidates. Following the trend, most of the top B-Schools have started using their own methodology for selecting candidates. Every year due to larger participation, CAT is conducted in two sessions hence the CAT percentile is also computed on account of. The percentile rank ranges from 1 to 99. Percentile rank shows the percentage of graduating high school seniors who participated in the Standardization and Norming Study and earned this score or lower See It First! SIGN UP to Receive the Latest News! Home. Life &Style; Fashion; Health; Love & Sex; Recipes; News; Bussines; Chronicle; U.S. Worl JEE Main Marks vs Percentile - Candidates after appearing in the exam search for JEE Main marks vs percentile. NTA JEE Main marks vs percentile are the percentile score corresponding to marks in JEE Main 2020. JEE Main marks vs percentile 2020 provided here will help candidates to know their percentile scores as per their marks

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  1. Percentile score is a method used in statistics which compares an individual score to scores of rest of the members in the frequency table. It's a relative standing of a value within a collection, generally calculated from the ratio of scores less than or equal to an individual score to the total number of scores of frequency table, multiplied with hundred
  2. Finding a child's percentile is a little harder if the curve doesn't actually pass through the spot where age and weight come together. For example, if the boy in the example weighed 31 pounds you would use all of the same steps but also have to imagine a curve that is somewhere between the 75th and 90th percentiles, figuring that he was at about the 80th to 85th percentile
  3. A percentile provides a ranking of the score within the context of the population of test takers. Suppose that on this culture-fair IQ test, I get a score of 117 points (IQ of 117). To understand the percentile, I will need a standard normal table (also known as a Z table). You can access a Z-table online for free here
  4. How to Find Standard Deviation on the TI-84. This wikiHow teaches you how to find the standard deviation for list of numbers on a TI-84 graphing calculator. You can use the standard deviation to find out how much your data varies from the..

Percentile - The weight percentile of the child. Age - The age of the child in months; Weight - The mass of the child in metric and standard units. Graph Plot - Weight versus age graph with 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, 95 and calculated percentile lines To get the 40th percentile position in a data set with 11 data points, just multiply our percentile by the number of points in our data set: ( 0.40 )( 11 ) = 4.4 Step 5 - Choose the data point. IQ Percentile. 65 01 70 02 75 05 80 09 85 16 90 25 95 37 100 50 105 63 110 105 63 110 75 115 84 120 91 125 95 130 98 135 99. An IQ of 120 therefore implies that the testee is brighter than about 91% of the population, while 130 puts a. Examples: Finding Percentiles 1. The math test scores were: 50, 65, 70, 72, 72, 78, 80, 82, 84, 84, 85, 86, 88, 88, 90, 94, 96, 98, 98, 99. Find the percentile rank.

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  1. If your CAT 2020 score is less than 90 percentile but above 85 percentile, don't be disheartened. There are many reputed government and private colleges accepting CAT score above 85 percentile. In this article we will share admission details of some of the popular colleges accepting CAT score above 85 percentile
  2. This is the reaction of different classes and quotas General - Are u kidding me?!! I should have died before seeing this. This is cheating OBC-Ok no worries I will get good nit. No problem. I am so good Sc/St - I m the best there is nothing to fea..
  3. Institutes accepting 80+ CAT percentile. CAT aspirants who have secured between 80 to 85 percentile, also have bright chances to get admission in the top B-schools. However,.
  4. Then, given that probability \(p\), we say that the z-score \(z\) is associated to the \(100\cdot p \%\) percentile. Say that you have a percentile instead, what you should use is this percentile to z-score. On the other hand, if what you need to compute probabilities instead, use our normal distribution calculator
  5. es exactly the population distribution, the percentiles can be computed exactly. More specifically, this calculator shows how to compute percentiles when the population mean (\(\mu\)) and standard deviation (\(\sigma\)) are known, and we know that the distribution is normal
  6. Although percentile ranks for Step 1, Step 2 CK, and Step 3 are shown in the same norm table, it is important to note that scores on the three Steps are not directly comparable. For example,

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A particular school evaluation lists abilities by percentile rank against the abilities of a population, and each ranking/ability is then given a group ranking of Below Average, Average, or Above Average. Oddly, the Average group ranges from 16% to 84%, so a 16% in reading comprehension and an 84% in reading speed both receive an. Welcome to ti 84 plus Questions and Answer. Feel free to ask any question related to ti 84 plus (or others texas instrument calculators or even HP or Casio calculators). You could also ask for help if you have sciences questions (math, physics) We provide help for ti-84-plus usage, programming, hardware, math..

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Percentile; Now Raw score /marks are the scores you got out of 300. Say that is 250. But the NTA score and Percentile are Exactly the same numbers which indicate the percentage of students who scored less than or equal to your score, which is 250. So, say, 100 students took the jee main and 9 of those students scored more than 250/300. In this cas Il centile (o percentile) è una misura usata in statistica per indicare il minimo valore sotto al quale ricade una data percentuale degli altri elementi sotto osservazione.. Esempio. Un esempio pratico: poniamo in ordine crescente 100 bambini della stessa età, di cui occorre valutare la statura. La statura del cinquantesimo bambino rappresenta la mediana e viene definita come 50 percentile Z-Score to Percentile Calculator. Enter a z-critical value and get the area under the normal curve (a percentage). Selecting two-sided provides the area above Z and below -Z. Z-Score Percent of Area 100-Percent; Two-Sided One-Sided : Decimal Points . Download this. The percentile of the corresponding fist height, determines how many adults will have to bend over. Z = (750 - 766) / 43 = - 0,37 With this Z-value the percentile 36 of fist height corresponds

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75% TO 84% PERCENTILE SSAT SCALED SCORES. Combined Scaled Scores from 2091 to 2142; 65% TO 74% PERCENTILE SSAT SCALED SCORES. Combined Scaled Scores from 2049 to 2088 *DO NOTE THAT THESE ARE ALL ESTIMATIONS BASED OF THE NUMBERS PROVIDED BY SSAT.ORG,. One important thing to note is that there's really no difference in percentiles at the highest and lowest score ranges.At the upper end, anything higher than a 34 composite score is in the 99th-100th percentiles. Similarly, at the lower end, any composite score between 1 and 10 is in the 1st percentile Unfortunately, there isn't a built-in function to calculate the mode of a list on the TI-83 Plus and TI-84 Plus. Fortunately, Calcblog provides a program to do this which you can download here. To use our program, press PRGM, select MODE, press ENTER to paste it to the home screen, and ENTER again to run

SNAP Score vs Percentile. SIBM Pune. Cutoff Percentile trends for SIBM Pune Flagship course have been 97.5+ Percentile for General, 90 Percentile for Kashmiri Migrants, 85 Percentile for SC and 51 Percentile for DA Candidates The higher the GRE percentile, the better your score is compared to other test-takers. A 99th GRE percentile score, for example, means you scored better than 99% of test-takers, and you're in the top 1%! A 50th GRE percentile score means you scored right in the middle—an average score. See below for the most current GRE score percentiles * The 90th percentile is 1.28 SD, 95th percentile is 1.645 SD, and the 99th percentile is 2.326 SD over the mean. For research purposes, the standard deviations in Appendix Table B-1 allow one to compute BP Z-scores and percentiles for boy The USMLE recently released the percentile rankings (PDF) for scores on all three board exams taken between 2016 through 2018 (updated August 27, 2019). The USMLE does not publish percentile rankings with individual scores and only provides this kind of data to the public every couple of years Percentile Calculator. This simple tool will calculate the k th percentile of a set of numbers, where k is any integer between 1 and 100.. Enter your data into the text box below, specify the percentile you want to calculate, and then hit the Calculate Percentile button

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Based on this standard deviation, the height percentile calculator determines how many standard deviations (also called the standard score or Z-score) the individual's height is from average. This can then be used to determine percentile. For example, a standard deviation of 1 corresponds with the 84.2 nd percentile, 2 the 97.8 th, and 3 the. Percentile Rank will be - 8 th term is 1177 and now adding to this 0.25 * (1188 - 1177) which is 2.75, and the result is 1179.75. Percentile Rank = 1179.75. Example #3. IIM institute wants to declare their result out for each student in relative terms, and they have come out with the idea of instead of providing percentages, they want to provide a relative ranking

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Divide the percentile that you are looking for by 100. For example, if you are finding the 40th percentile, you would divide 40 by 100 to get 0.4. Add 1 to the number of values in your data set. For example, if you had 30 test scores, you would add 1 to 30 to get 31 Use Alcula's percentage calculator to compute percentages and answer questions such as: How much is 7% of 25000? What percentage of 10000 is 120 JEE Main Percentile Vs Rank 2020: The National Testing Agency (NTA) conducted the second session of JEE Main 2020 from 1st to 6th September 2020. NTA also released the JEE Main Answer Key (Provisional) on September 8. Candidates were able to calculate their probable JEE Main score and also raise their objections against the answer key. NTA is now reviewing the challenges and making the. PERCENTILE_CONT (Transact-SQL) 10/20/2015; 2 minutes to read +5; In this article. Applies to: SQL Server (all supported versions) Azure SQL Database Azure SQL Managed Instance Azure Synapse Analytics Parallel Data Warehouse Calculates a percentile based on a continuous distribution of the column value in SQL Server For example, assume percentile() is the percentile function. If my_df['field_A'].percentile(90) returns x, the number of records with field_A values < x are actually 90% of the total records. - Edamame Sep 19 '16 at 20:5

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  1. The Bell Curve and Standardized Test Scores Standard Score 70 80 85 90 100 110 115 120 130 Standard Score Percentile Rank 2 9 16 25 50 75 84 91 9
  2. ation
  3. In mathematics, we use this term percentile informally to indicate that a certain percentage falls below that percentile value. For example, if we score in the 25th percentile, then 25% of test-takers are below this score. Here 25 is called the percentile rank. Percentile divides a data set into the 100 equal parts

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From this same perspective, the median, which has 50% of the observations at or below it, is the 50 th percentile. The p th percentile of a distribution is the value such that p percent of the observations fall at or below it. The most commonly used percentiles other than the median are the 25 th percentile and the 75 th percentile The numbber of chocolate chips in an 18 ounce bag of chocolate chip cookies is approximately normally distributed with mean 1252 and standard deviation 129 chips Whats the percentile rank of a bag that contains 1050 chocolate chips (round to the nearest integer as needed Hopefully, through this table you can determine your projected IELTS percentile from your total score. Similarly, you can also determine your projected TOEFL score and TOEFL percentile from your IELTS score. Please note—we are only including the top 50th percentile, as we know the majority of readers are aiming for top scores and top percentiles

K th Percentile = Value corresponding to the Index Number I Index Number (I) = K% x N Where, N is the total number of values in data set. Step 1: Assigning Values: Let us consider a data set with 25 values as given below. We are required to find the 90 th percentile of the data set That 80 th percentile may not be as strong as one might think, because it raises red flags about the test taker's abilities outside of science. The point to take away is that you can't rely on only one subject or section to help boost your overall score. In addition to a high score and percentile, balance is very important Where P is Percentile = 25, N is Number of items = 8. Rank = 25 / 100 * (8) = 0.25 * 8 = 2. The 25 th percentile is the average of the values in the 1 th and 2 th positions (33 and 43 respectively). The 25 th percentile is (33 + 43) / 2 = 38. In this case, the 25th percentile score is 38, which makes more sense as its in the middle of 43 and 33 In the world of statistics, percentile rank refers to the percentage of scores that are equal to or less than a given score. Percentile ranks, like percentages, fall on a continuum from 0 to 100

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For example, a percentile of 50 is telling us that the t-score falls under 50% (half of the scores). Percentages allow us to reason and work with numbers more broadly. When working with distributions, the work with percentages helps us to recognize more easily in which part of the scale a score falls So either of these would actually be a legitimate response to the percentile rank for the driver with the daily driving time of six hours. It depends on whether you include the six hours or not. So you could say either the 50th percentile or roughly the 55th, or actually the 56th percentile if you wanted to round to the nearest percentile Percentile/Probability: value % Was this useful to you? Help others and share. Description: This calculator determines the area under the standard normal curve given z-Score values. The area represents probability and percentile values. The calculator allows area look up with out the use of tables or charts I want to pass the numpy percentile() function through pandas' agg() function as I do below with various other numpy statistics functions. Right now I have a dataframe that looks like this: AGGRE.. A student sent me an email about a practice problem involving finding the middle 80% of a normal distribution. The student was confusing the middle 80% of a bell curve with the 80th percentile. The student then tried to answer the practice problem with the 80th percentile, which of course, did not match the answe

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Percentile conversion from Z-score is done by table look-up in the standard normal table. Percentiles are provided for Z-scores between -3.09 and 3.09. Values beyond these extremes return percentiles of 0.1 and 99.9, respectively. LMS Parameters for Boys: BMI for Age A scaled score of 102.93 marks in CAT 2017 would mean an overall 84.51 percentile. A scaled score of 103.56 marks in CAT 2017 would mean an overall 84.76 percentile. A scaled score of 104.95 marks in CAT 2017 would mean an overall 85.34 percentile. A scaled score of 105.1 marks in CAT 2017 would mean an overall 85.4 percentile 84 +2.0. 97.5 +2.5. 99.4 +3.0. 99.7 . Referenzen. Percentile conversion from Z-score is done by table look-up in the standard normal table. Percentiles are provided for Z-scores between -3.09 and 3.09. Values beyond these extremes return percentiles of 0.1 and 99.9, respectively

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n The percentile of a score tells you what proportion of the population received that score or lower. n The central tendency of percentiles is 50% and the range is 0% to 100%. n Percentiles allow c ategorizing scores into quartiles and deciles, which can be useful for identifying groups of people who are similar get admission to MBA with CAT score between 84 to 85 percentile You can get admission in the following top colleges S.P.Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumabi (SPJIMR) Management Development Institute, Gurgaon (MDI) Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA) National Institute of Industrial Engineering, Mumbai (NITIE

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Input your age, select your gender and race/ethnicity, input (optionally) your observed calcium score and click Calculate. Observed Agatston Calcium Score (optional): Race/Ethnicity: Gender:. Age (45-84): Back to MESA CAC Race/Ethnicity: Gender Since 21 of the 25, or 84%, of the scores are below hers, Jenny is at the 84th percentile in the class's test score distribution. 6 7 7 2334 7 5777899 8 00123334 8 569 9 03. Find the percentiles for the. Your overall percentile comes from a combination of your Quant and Verbal sectional scores-NOT their percentiles. Top schools need top scores-preferably in the top 10% (90th percentile) or above. Very few students score above a 750 on the GMAT each year-those who do put in long study hours

Here, the percentile ranks indicate the percentage of test-takers who've receive a score below yours. For instance, if your score was reported to be in the 80 th percentile, it would mean that you scored better than 80 percent of the test takers around the world Below is a height percentile by age calculator for adult (age 18+) men and women in the United States.Select an age range and sex, and enter heights in meters or feet and inches.Compare the distribution of heights between different age groups and the two sexes The second quartile or 50th percentile, x m (also written as Q 2) is also known as the median. It represents the value for which 50% of observations are lower and 50% are higher. The third quartile or 75th percentile, x H (Q 3) is the value such that 75% of the observations are less than x H. How are quartiles calculate

World Health Organization Reference Curves - The FreeTin Cup American Whiskey Reviews and Ratings - Proof66Normal Distributions by Texas InstrumentsLet z be a random variable with a standard normalMike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!

USMLE Step 1 is the first national board exam all United States medical students must take before graduating medical school. If you are viewing this on the new Reddit layout, please take some time and look at our wiki (/r/step1/wiki) as it has a lot of valuable information regarding advice and approaches on taking Step 1, along with analytical statistics of study resources This calculator provides body mass index (BMI) and the corresponding BMI-for-age percentile based on CDC growth charts for children and teens ages 2 through 19 years. Because of possible rounding errors in age, weight, and height, the results from this calculator may differ slightly from BMI-for-age percentiles calculated by other programs The Percentile Rank reveals this. A 150 is a 44th percentile score. You did better than 44% of the students taking this test. A 160 is a 80th percentile score. +10 Scaled Score points bump you up to having done better than 80% of the students taking this test. That's +36% improvement. A 170 is a 98th percentile score Anant Vohra scored 99.84 percentile to become the topper among students with disabilities. Students can check their scores as well as the final answer keys at jeemain.nta.nic.in List of colleges accepting 70.84 percentile of MAT. 1.Symbiosis Institute of Business Management 2.Xavier Institute of Management 3.TA Pai Management Institute 4.Indian Institute of Technology 5.Great Lakes Institute of Management 6.Symbiosis Institute of International Busines

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